Meet Dr. Graham

Dr. Graham is Owner of Children’s Empowerment Group, LLC which was founded in 2006.  She has over 25 years of experience aiding children, adolescents, adults, and families to lead healthier lives.

Dr. Catherine E. Graham graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She went on to obtain a Master’s degree from Florida A & M University in School Psychology. Dr. Graham has worked as a School Psychologist in several public school systems in the District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Graham received a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from American School of Professional Psychology @ Argosy University/Washington, DC Campus.  She completed a pre-doctoral internship at Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center, Residential Treatment Facility in Erie, PA. Dr. Graham was a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine/Kennedy Krieger Institute in the Behavorial Psychology Department, Child and Family Therapy Clinic.

Dr. Graham is a Licensed Psychologist in the states of Maryland and Georgia and the District of Columbia.  While the practice is located in the state of Maryland through the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) Commission Dr. Graham is authorized to provide psychological services via telepsychology in more than 39 states including Delaware and Virginia.  See for all of the locations.  Dr. Graham’s Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) number is 7181 and became effective 5/24/2021.

Meet Ms. Parris

Nancy Parris is a Clinical Social Worker licensed in the District of Columbia and Maryland. She is currently working on her Registered Play Therapy certification.  Ms. Parris uses a strength and systems-based approach looking at the root cause of challenges in families. She believes therapy is a collaborative process that guides clients to increase self-awareness, gain new perspectives, and decrease symptoms.

Ms. Parris has specialized experience in play therapy, attachment, grief and loss, trauma, and anxiety.   A safe and non-judgmental space is created to explore conscious and unconscious feelings using expressive therapy techniques. There is light at the end of the tunnel and Ms. Parris can help your child get there.

Meet Ms. Easton

Tamara R. Easton, M.S., is a Registered Psychology Associate in the state of Maryland.  She received her B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland University College and her M. S. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Counseling from Capella University.  Ms. Easton is a mother and has been a licensed childcare provider for over 15 years.  She has over 24 years working with children and families in a variety of diverse settings including the public school system, community college, YMCA, and medical settings.

Ms. Easton has a passion for helping, healing, building, and maintaining healthy relationships with an emphasis on the most important relationship a person should have, (after their relationship with a higher power), their relationship with oneself.  Whether it is family/relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, career challenges, or  trauma, Ms. Easton strives to meet her where they are on their journey to healing.  Her mission is to educate her clients and the community about the importance and benefits of mental health, in an effort to decrease the stigma attached to receiving mental health services especially within communities of color.

In her spare time Ms. Easton loves writing, cooking/baking, bowling, traveling,  trying new cuisines, anything artistic, her pit/lab mix Buddy and most of all spending time with her family.

Meet Ms. Evelyn-Cunningham

Hello! My name is Kayla Evelyn-Cunningham, and my Master’s in Forensic Psychology.  I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.  I attended the illustrious Morgan State University for my Bachelor’s in Psychology. At Morgan State, I was involved in many organizations, but one in particular, focused on confidence. This organization allowed me to travel to numerous schools, mental health facilities, and other settings to speak to individuals about self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-compassion. Since then, I began shaping my practices around the importance of an individual’s sense of self. I have found it lays the foundation for every aspect and element within their lives.

My passion in the field of mental health grew immensely in 2015, when I began working in various correctional facilities and detention centers to help those within the incarcerated population. Since then, I have also gained much experience working with individuals who have experience with substance abuse, juveniles within the school systems, and many other individuals of all ages in various therapeutic settings. I interned for a year working with highly experienced clinicians who helped guide and shape my skill set to properly assist those who experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and borderline personality disorder.

My focus when facilitating groups or individual sessions is self-empowerment and challenging negative perspectives with more positive outlooks. Life can sometimes feel overpowering, and obligations that need to be met can also seem unbearable at times. Still, I believe there will always be some good in what may all seem bad at the moment. I have found my theoretical orientation – cognitive behavioral therapy has helped many of my previous clients reduce stress levels, cope with untimely life changes such as relationships and other losses, and ultimately feel more grounded within their circumstances. We may not always be able to change a situation, but we can help transform your perspective of your circumstances. I look forward to assisting you!

Meet Ms. Camelo-Cerro

Ursula Camelo-Cerro is a second-year doctoral student in The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Clinical Psychology department. Ms. Camelo-Cerro has years of experience providing therapy in a variety of situations. Her work as a bilingual professional therapist, community activist, and advocate for mental health equity has reinforced communal connections. Ms. Camelo-Cerro started her academic career at Marymount University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree and laid the framework for her future endeavors in counseling. She pursued a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University, motivated by a desire to broaden her skill set and awareness of mental health concerns.

Meet Ms. Foster

Marian Foster currently attends Howard University where she is pursuing her doctorate degree in clinical psychology. As an undergraduate student, Ms. Foster also attended Howard University for her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Wake Tech community college for her Associate in Science.

Ms. Foster strives to foster a safe and open environment founded on strong therapeutic alliances with her clients. She believes therapeutic relationships rooted in compassion  is essential for interpersonal breakthroughs and healing in therapy.

Her research interests center around psychological health, the psychological impact of racial stress, and integrating mindfulness focused methods for anxiety and mood disorder treatment.  Ms. Foster has a profound interest in providing therapy services to children, adolescents, and their families.

Outside of her clinical work, Ms. Foster volunteers at her local library where she provides tutoring and mentor services to children and adolescents. She enjoys rock climbing, sightseeing, reading and spending time with loved ones.

Meet Ms. Koroma

Matilda Koroma, who goes by her middle name “Zana,” is currently in her fourth year at George Washington University, where she has received her Master of Psychology in Psychology and is continuing her education to obtain her doctorate. She also received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University but it was while pursuing a B.A. in Communications that Ms. Koroma realized that she wanted to work directly with people and help them verbalize their emotional and psychological pain to bring relief and insight.

Ms. Koroma recently completed an externship at Howard University, where she provided short and long-term therapy to predominantly Black students from different backgrounds with presenting concerns including depression, trauma or PTSD, or family or financial distress. She also has experience working with diverse populations, including testing Ghanaian children and families in Accra, Ghana, being a case manager for low-income families with substance use and mental health challenges in New York City.  Ms. Koroma completed an externship at the George Washington Center Clinic, working primarily with young adults with personality disorders and severe depression.

Ms. Koroma primarily works from a psychodynamic orientation while taking bits and pieces from a social justice and liberatory lens. She also maintains curiosity about her clients while also building rapport with them.

During her free time, Ms. Koroma enjoys binge-watching television shows, listening to true-crime podcasts, exploring D.C., going out for brunch, and traveling.