CEG offers a safe and confidential setting to explore your psychological health. We have many years of experiences in the following areas:

Anxiety Grief and Loss
Attention Problems Learning Disability Assessments
Behavioral & Emotional Challenges School Related Problems
Co-parenting Separation & Divorce
Depression Talented & Gifted Assessment
Family Relationships

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Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapy uses art, music, writing, and other creative interventions to improve client’s emotional well-being.

Individual Therapy

Clients engaged in individual therapy will be given an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings, with an ultimate goal of client’s growing from their experiences and becoming more productive, better-adjusted individuals.

Family Therapy

Families engaged in this mode of therapy will work towards strengthening their family relationships. Family members learn ways to interact with each other and resolve conflicts.

Group Therapy

This type of therapy involves multiple group members who have similar challenges. Group therapy allows the group members to learn from the experiences of others as well as focus on interpersonal interactions.

Parent Education & Training

Emphasis is placed on disciplines issues, co-parenting , school problems, rules and expectations, and other parenting challenges.

Play Therapy

Children will use the power of play, their natural form of expression, to work through emotional difficulties. 

Psychological Assessment

Clients will be evaluated using a variety of standardized measures (e.g., cognitive, academic, visual-motor, behavioral, personality) to determine their strengths and areas of concern.


The information presented here is general in nature and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.  Readers should not rely solely on these comments to make specific decisions. There is no substitute for a one on one evaluation by a competent mental health professional.

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